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Your Free Month Trial of Emergence

Emergence - Use code "BOOKORDER24" to get your free month!

Imagine Your Potential if You Stopped Settling.

In the Emergence program, you’ll learn to do just that, taking ownership of your health with holistic training, experiential learning, and transformative accountability. It’s all delivered in a group coaching environment over the course of three months. Use code “BOOKORDER24” to get your free month!

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Free Health Consultation with OWN IT Health Advisor

Health Consultation

Imagine Your Potential if You Stopped Settling.

Book a call with an OWN IT Health Advisor for free. Our dedicated staff will help you get clear on what areas of your health need improvement and where you can go from there. Learn about taking ownership of your health and what holistic training, experiential learning, and transformative accountability could look like for you.

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Free Health Abundance Score

Health Abundance Score

Build Long-Term Health Capital

To take ownership of your life, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. This FREE Assessment gives you instant clarity on what parts of your life need improvement and how you can invest in yourself to build long-term health capital, reaching Health Abundance.

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Free eBook "HRV: Use Your Wearable"

"HRV: Use Your Wearable" eBook

Life By Design - Master Your Wearable Device

What if there was a way to understand your body from the inside out? To know how your day-to-day habits and behaviors were impacting the way you sleep, your energy levels, and your long-term health? There is! It is called HRV and this document is going to help you become more familiar with the metric that can change your life. 

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Free eBook "Perfect Night Sleep"

Perfect Night Sleep eBook

Maximize your energy levels with better sleep

Transform your day-to-day habits and live life by design! Discover how to build a sleep framework that fits YOUR lifestyle, get better sleep & wake up more rested, experience long-term health and enhance every aspect of your life. Download the guide now and start living on purpose!

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Free WHOOP Band

Get a Free WHOOP Band on Us!

Backed by MDs and PHDs. Trusted by MVPs.

WHOOP is designed by the world’s leading human performance experts and used by elite athletes, doctors, and more. It’s professional-grade technology designed for every day, and for every one, no matter where you are in your health journey.

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